New Song Wali Band - Dik (2008)

Wali Band. Who thought evidently this Band not the religious Band, this Band of one hundred percent pop sweet. In 2008 Years, Wali Band (the Band of the Guardian) launched the album with the title of Orang Bilang. This band stood on October 31 1999, based by 5 people that is Faank (the vocel), Apoy (the guitar), Tomie (the drum), Ovie (keyboard), and Nunu (bass). Orang Bilang album consisted of several songs for example Dik, Kubangga, Aku Bukan Taruhan, Maafkan Aku Tak Setia, Aku Sakit, Egokah Aku, Orang Bilang, Sahabat Aku Cinta and Emang Dasar.

Free Download mp3 Dik, Emang Dasar or the other song could be done by you in the end posting this. At the beginning him his mainstay song was the song be entitled Dik (not the deck or Dick). Often is liked by the adolescent now because romantic and had the lyrics that in accordance with their feeling, possibly also you… The song Dik Wali Band also often in Inbox SCTV (that at this time became the Indonesian musical barometer, is that settled? ). Also had become the highest song in various ladders of the Indonesian Song. The success for Wali Band

Free Download mp3 Dik
Free Download mp3 Emang Dasar
Free Download mp3 Tetap Bertahan


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